Meditating in Nature

About Wetransform

Wetransform is  a space where we help you heal and  transform your Mind, Body, Soul and Spirit to enable you to lead an enriched, evolved Life. We are a Non Clinical, Non Medical vertical. We are a Network of Life Coaches, Spiritual Advisors, Meditation ,Yoga, Reiki Masters , Physical Transformation coaches, Diet & Nutrition Specialists ,Music Therapists who work with traditional and modern day practices, regime and knowledge to heal, evolve, empower and enrich Lives.

Image by Priscilla Du Preez

Our Approach

We approach every soul that reaches out to us for help with the most important aspect the Divine has bestowed us with. WE LISTEN WITH EMPATHY. Most of the time when we are fighting with challenges and darkness we need someone to listen to us, we need someone to reach out to , we need to be heard  without judgement. That's what we do. We are hear to listen and help you understand your fears, challenges , blockages and help you address and overcome them. We use one to one counselling to understand your concerns and issues and then we bring in our specialists to help you transform yourself to your Highest Potential.

Philosophy of Recovery

We help you address and understand your fears, challenges and blockages at any level , be it mind, body, soul or spirit, through Counselling. Once we truly understand the issues at the core , it becomes easier to address and overcome them. Our programs are customized to help you recover from any challenges ,trauma or blocks and we support you and help you through your path to recovery. Healing is a process , so is Life. We assist you at every step of your journey to recovery and leading a beautiful life. Whatever challenges you are facing, all you need to do is to take that first step to your path to Recovery. We are here with you.. For you.. 

Our Commitment 

We believe that Life is a Journey , not a destination. Life is also a mixed bag of success, happiness abundance as well as setbacks , challenges and failures. We believe its ok to Fall, we all do ,but its in our hands to rise up like the whole damn fire.

Once you take that first step towards healing , our commitment to you is that we will help you heal, evolve, empower and  transform your mind, body, soul and spirit to lead an evolved ,enriched life.