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Services & Programs

At  Wetransform , we help you heal and transform every aspect of your life by working on your mind, body, soul and spirit. We use traditional form of energy based practices like Reiki, Meditation and Yoga to balance and energize the body , mind and soul.

We Use spiritual counselling and life coaching to address challenges and blocks of the mind and soul. We use exercise and fitness training to revitalize and transform your body and also customize diet and nutrition regime to suit your nourishment needs.

Yoga I Reiki I Meditation I Physical Training I Diet & Nutrition I Music Therapy I Life Coaching I Spiritual Counselling

One to One Counselling

We believe in one to one counselling to help ,heal and transform every soul, as everyone has different challenges and blockages we are fighting and trying to address and resolve. A challenge can range from relationship issues, dark night of the soul, anxiety, depression, childhood abandonment issues, rejection issues ,inner child issues,  finding the perfect fitness regime , lack of proper diet and nutrition, lack mentality, fear of communication, work related issues to anger issues or all of the above. Through one to one counselling we help you identify your blocks , challenges and inner fears and then we customize the most effective transformation plan for you which includes the various services we offer to address and overcome any and every challenge of the mind, body, soul and spirit.

 Mind , Body , Soul , Spirit Transformation

We use the following traditional as well as modern day practices and tools to address any challenges and blocks the mind, body, soul or spirit is facing -

Yoga, Reiki, Meditation, Physical Training, Diet & Nutrition, Music Therapy, Life Coaching, Spiritual Counselling. We assess and identify your challenges through one on one counselling and then create a transformation plan which works for you to transform you and enable you to live to your highest potential.

Life Coaching , Spiritual Counselling

Our life is all about how we manage , control and handle our mind ,body , soul and spirit. Often we focus only on the physical aspect and tend to get into a fitness regime ,gym or one out of many available forms and practices to get in shape .But we tend to neglect the spiritual needs and aspects of our mind. At Wetransform we help you find your souls path, find your purpose and also help you achieve your highest potential. Through Spiritual Counselling and Life Coaching we help you realize your truest potential and empower you to achieve a truly enriched , happy , abundant life.

Yoga by the Ocean


At Wetransform , we custom create and devise programs best suited to help you heal, evolve and transform your mind, body, soul and spirit. Our Specialists devise the Program as per your need to suit your lifestyle and time to ensure that you are able to follow the program and make it work for you.

Yoga Child's Pose

 Transformation Programs

Our transformation programs are devised and custom created to suit your needs and help you transform yourself. The mode of Programs are Online , through one to one Consultations via video call sessions, as well as audio and visual content available for you to help in your journey of transformation.

Yoga Child's Pose


Video Sessions

Apart from One on One consultation , we also conduct Webinars and Video Sessions for Groups as well as Corporates.

Holding Hands

Aftercare Advocacy

Once you have reached out to us and have been a part of any of our program to heal and transform yourself ,your journey with us does not end there. It begins. You become a part of the Wetransform Family and you are always welcome to reach out anytime in future ,if you need us. Your journey to transformation becomes our journey too.